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Enable your child to become the best they can be through care, understanding, and individualized support from passionate professionals. SuperPSYCHed extends a gentle helping hand in the form of mental and behavioral health support challenges to those in need.

Our team of therapists and supports staff utilizes a variety of treatment techniques optimized through best-practice research and training and decades of accumulated experience.

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Children and Youth Mental Health Services

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Wisdom lies in admitting uncertainty. Why not sends us a message and share whatever is on your mind? Our dedicated team is waiting patiently to answer your questions in the most sincere and honest way.
Our therapists combine their years of clinical experience with the latest updated research to reach your child’s fullest potential. All disciplines collaborate to work as a team, engaging the child to draw them out of their shell and maximize their independence, confidence, and self-expression. Every child deserves to have their voice heard, and our Speech Therapy department here at Super Psyched Support can help your child find their voice and use it well.

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Each child is unique. And every young mind processes its environment and the challenges within differently. We, as adults, are responsible for providing them with the patience, knowledge, and tools to navigate life and its obstacles peacefully.

Our therapy services for children include speech therapy, sensory integration, physical therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health therapy from Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and psychologists to cover every facet your child needs to overcome life’s difficult challenges.

Our overarching Pediatric Therapeutic Services are well-recognized and are covered by most insurers.

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Did you know?

Approximately 5.8 million children in the USA (9.4%) have been diagnosed with anxiety issues?

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Understanding the needs of your child is the first step in the process of unlocking your child’s full potential. This report allows our psychologist and support professionals an opportunity to get the full picture of your child’s situation so please take your time filling out the intake form.