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We are now accepting new clients for Individual and Family Therapy

Stress is a natural occurrence within a family.  With healthy communication, problem solving skills, stress-releasing activities, and support from extended family members, families can grow and flourish as expected.  At times, the stress may become too overwhelming to manage, which can result in the need for professional help.  It is always best to seek support and guidance to prevent family members from moving toward desolation.

Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

SuperPscyhed Support Tutoring In Merrillville
Psychologist and support professionals hired by superPSYCHed receive consistent and ongoing training to render services that are extensive, ethical, engaging, and support appropriate eligibility identification. Evaluation reports will allow case managers to create Individualized Education Plans that support goals based on student performance and skillset.


School Psychology

School Psychologists work directly with children and families, and consult with educators. 

Speech Therapy

Helping children speak, communicate and understand language.

Physical Therapy

Helping children move and interact with their environments smoothly and confidently.

Family Therapy

Providing support to the overall family structure to increase healthy communication and positive outcomes.

Occupational Therapy

Helping children build better self-esteem, confidence, and independence in all the things they do.

Mental Health

Enable your child to become the best they can be through care, understanding, and individualized support from passionate professionals.

We offer services rendered and supervised by Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists that include researched based support and interventions within the school and clinic setting. Services are intentional and monitored to ensure progress occurs and guardians are included in the process and well informed.
Physical Therapy

Our Mission

We aim to actively support the entire team in order to ensure that services rendered are adequate, consistent, and necessary based on the individual student’s abilities. Assessment is a very important part of this process, but collecting in-depth social and developmental history information, and observing the student within the educational setting increases the validity and reliability of the assessment results. We also utilize the latest technology to administer assessments that allow us to complete testing and reports in a timely, more efficient manner, while increasing student engagement.

Our Team

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Our therapists are credentialed and specialize in a variety of internalizing and externalizing concerns. We have a diverse team of professionals that include, but not limited to variety of communication issues. We have a diverse team of speech-centered professionals.

  • Licensed School Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Speech Therapists
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Speech Pathologists


Our Goal

Revolutionize therapy by offering individualized services. Our clinicians try to help with many internalizing and externalizing factors that can impede an individual’s ability to be successful within their everyday lives.
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