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The only way to fix a communication issue is to tackle it head on, but you don’t have to go about it alone. Lean on the knowledge and experience of our pediatric providers to ensure that your child’s development stays on track.

SuperPSYCHed understands the importance of maximizing your child’s sensory, communication, and motor skill development. We strive to empower caretakers to not only understand, but encourage your child’s development.

The earlier the issue is identified, the faster the issue can be reversed. Identifying the problem early also makes the treatment simpler for both teachers and parents.

What We Do

Therapy Services For Children​

Providing professional development, therapeutic services, and evaluations with support and intervention.

Early Intervention Services

Helping children move and interact with their environments smoothly and confidently.

Professional Development and Training

Helping children build better self-esteem, confidence, and independence in all the things they do.

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Quality over Quantity

Our trained pediatric occupational therapist will create your child’s unique education plan to meet your distinctive goals.

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Who Needs Therapy

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Children often communicate at different skill levels during play and at school. Some children struggle to string together the right words to form a sentence while other children naturally form more complex sentences. When these large differences become evident, it may be time to talk to a professional about getting a speech therapy evaluation done.

The same can be said about a child’s occupational needs. When a large contrast in development is obvious, it may be time for an occupational consultation.

How SuperPsyched Support Can Help

Leading Successfully

Psychologist and support professionals hired by superPSYCHed receive consistent and ongoing training to render services that are extensive, ethical, engaging, and support appropriate eligibility identification. Evaluation reports will allow case managers to create Individualized Education Plans that support goals based on student performance and skillset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many signs that serve as an early indicator. Some of the most common signs are – developmental delays, difficulty in executing small movements with toes and fingers, problems with arm and leg coordination, difficulty in recognizing written text, and excessive drooling among other things.

We help your child with assessment services, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. We go a step further and arrange sessions for parents and schools to establish a better understanding among people who are dealing with children who are undergoing therapy.

We always encourage you to book appointments before physical visits. In this way, we are able to reduce your waiting time and offer quality service. For appointments, you can call: 219-750-9600 or mail:
We are based in Merrillville, Indiana. We serve the surrounding areas as well.

Yes, we do accept insurance, alongside welcoming out-of-network benefits. The list of insurance agencies can be seen here [link to be inserted].

Most plans across the US have started to cover for therapy services in addition to other medical costs. However, you should always call your insurance provider in order to fully understand what services and providers are covered in your coverage.

You should know that there is help out there and that we are fully qualified professionals. As always, please call, or email us with your questions and concerns. We will help you prepare for your visit.

We accept debit/credit and cash, or a combination of both forms of payment.

We are available Monday through Friday – 9AM to 5PM. We encourage you to book an appointment in advance for a seamless experience.

Yes! We specialize in screening children. It helps us to identify the causes and proceed with therapy sessions. For more details, speak to our expert today: 219-750-9600