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At some point, every student will struggle with getting the most out of their school experience. Some may be dealing with problems at home, bullying in the classroom, or their own anxieties. Some are struggling with academic difficulties, learning disabilities, or problems concentrating. Still others may be bored in class because they are not being challenged enough at their current grade level. Whatever problems a student may face in their school environment, a school psychologist collaborates with teachers, staff, students, and their families to ensure that a child gets the most out of their school experience.

School Psychologists combine expertise in child development, psychology, and education to create an ideal learning environment tailored to each child. School Psychologists will consult with educators and collaborate with parents to determine the best way to help students succeed. They also work to identify students that qualify to receive additional school services and often spearhead the formation of a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Spending time with students, either one-on-one or in groups, School Psychologists help children succeed socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.

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What Does a School Psychologist Do?

A School Psychologist’s primary goal is to help students learn and teachers teach. Therefore, their services can mean filling various roles in the school setting!
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A School Psychologist often advocates for students, providing a unique perspective on how best to help each one. School Psychologists offer a trained view to recommend:


The many evaluations necessary within a school setting can quickly become overwhelming. School Psychologists are trained to effectively evaluate students to determine what services they qualify for and how best to meet their individual needs. Our School Psychologists are familiar with many standard evaluations, as well as less-often used ones, such as:


A School Psychologist specializes in bridging the gaps between the various team members working to support a student. By collaborating with different team members, the School Psychologist can ensure that a student will succeed and that all involved are on the same page, including:
By promoting open communication and ensuring that all are aware of a student’s needs, a School Psychologist can coordinate the care provided to a student and ensure their success.


School Psychologists utilize their expertise in mental health, psychology, child development, and education to offer counseling services and other interventions when beneficial. These may include
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A School Psychologist helps to support diverse learners in the classroom. They may:
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IEP Coordination

School Psychologists provide beginning-to-end support in the development and administration of IEPs. From the very start, our School Psychologists at SuperPsyched Support begin by providing expert evaluation of students. Using various standardized tests, our School Psychologists can determine how best to assist each student, whether they are struggling in certain areas or are gifted. The School Psychologist may also interview and observe students in the classroom to fully understand each student’s needs.

Our School Psychologists’ services also include the writing and development of IEPs. With so many staffing shortages, schools struggle to find the time and personnel to support their students as much as they would like. Here at SuperPsyched Support, our School Psychologists provide an extra boost as they utilize their extensive training to craft IEPs that are thorough and clear and ensure that each student gets the help they need.

To promote each student’s success, academically and emotionally, our School Psychologists also provide ongoing support during the school year. Collaborating with the multidisciplinary team, offering individual counseling for students, and establishing carryover in the home environment, our School Psychologists make sure that a child is supported in every aspect of their lives. Additionally, by monitoring a child’s progress over time, our School Psychologists here at SuperPsyched Support follow the entire process to help each child get the needed services.

School Psychologists at Super Psyched Support

Here at Super Psyched Support, our School Psychologists are up to date on the latest evaluations, techniques, and strategies to assist families and teachers as they help students to reach their highest potential. We provide psychological assessments to determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses. We provide mental health support, helping children deal with various difficulties that may interfere with their learning. We create Behavior Intervention plans to address behavioral concerns and provide strategies to help families in their day-to-day lives. We also empower parents, giving them the guidance and support they need as they support their children. We collaborate with the other service providers here at SuperPsyched Support and create tailor-made IEP plans to benefit your students’ individual needs.

It can be hard to navigate all the complexities of the education system. Here at SuperPsyched Support, our School Psychologists can identify areas for growth, provide counseling and suggestions for the whole family, and collaborate with the rest of the team throughout each student’s educational journey. Call us today to see how our School Psychologists can help your students thrive!

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